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You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.  Then why not take the opportunity, to contact our local clubs in the area for more information on what they have to offer.



You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.
Read more at:
You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.
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You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.
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Africans Ladies Hockey

Chairman: Angelique Hill

084 061 9545

Vice Chairman: Vonne Fourie

083 339 9088

Team Manager: Shafique Pillay

072 678 9815

Captain: Avril Gali

074 549 6325

Africans Hockey club has been in existence since 2015 located in the King Williams Town Area.

We were formed with the main aim to get young ladies involved in sports trying to prohibit the social problems which currently exist within our community.

Such as, (drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy and crime) and to promote participation of woman in sport.

Our club faces many daily challenges just to get training under way but have many enthusiastic players who are what drives the rest to do more.

Bohs Ladies Hockey

Chairman: Wendy Stuart

082 320 3247

Vice Chairman: Nathan Sanan 

084 578 4697 

Ladies Club Captain: Natasha Luxon

084 944 4666 

Men’s Club Captain: Paul Dineen

084 680 9789

Bohemian Hockey Club welcomes young and old hockey players. 

We currently have 3 teams in the BHA Premier League (2 ladies, 1 men’s)  and our men’s team were the 2018 Winter League winners.

Further to this we have 3 teams in the 1st League (2 ladies, 1 men’s) and 2 men’s team in the second league.

Our teams’ performance replicates our passion for the sport!

Buffs Ladies Hockey

Chairman: Tarryn Dearlove

072 147 4849

Vice Chairman: Donne´Randall

076 929 6397

Club Captain: Shelly Bennie

082 896 0115



Buffs Ladies Hockey is the perfect fit for anyone looking to play hockey in East London.

If you’re looking to compete in the Premier League or play socially in the 2nd League whether you’re a master or a scholar, you’ll find you fit right in.

Come join us on the turf, a place where we learn together, laugh together and ‘stick’ together. Once a Buff, always a Buff!

Old Boys Ladies Hockey

Chairman: Brett Newcombe

082 958 4979

Vice Chairman: Mark Hobbs

082 324 1634

Ladies Hockey: Sue

082 924 1078

Ladies Hockey: Roxanne

082 455 8661

Old Selbornian Mens Hockey Club is a sporting sub-section of Old Selbornian Club.

The club has its roots in the prestigious all boys school of Selborne College, but is open to all, men and ladies.

Parkside Ladies Hockey

Chairman: Renato Abrahams

061 403 0019

Vice Chairman: Lindsay Wood

082 443 8750

Secretary: Jonathan Adams

073 273 7550

The Parkside Hockey Club was established in 1985 by our founder members John Bennett and first club chairman together with Lenny Abrahams and Aubrey Daniels.

Dr. Wayne Jones took over the reigns as club chairman and life-time chairman of the club together with Shane Phillips, Charles Smith, who was treasurer of the club back then and President of SA Hockey.

The club grew adding a prems ladies team and ladies 1st league and produced numerous SA representatives from under 16 level through to men’s and ladies SA reps.

A proud club now in its 34 year of existence and still producing top players for our province and country against all odds.


Phoenix Ladies Hockey

Men’s Hockey: Colton Prince

078 640 6082

Ladies Hockey: Elize

081 493 8051

For additional information on the club, please contact them directly.

Stutterheim Ladies Hockey (Stutterheim Country Club)

Chairman: Kathleen Frewen

082 080 8271

Vice Chairman: Shani Sparks

072 125 8444                    

Coach: Stephen de Kock

083 790 3782

Stutterheim ladies hockey has been participating in the Border Hockey association for the past 5 years.

It is the second year that Stephen de Kock has been coaching us, where he took over from Leonard Potgieter and Greg Wylde.

Stutterheim hockey has been growing in the past and currently we have 15 players.

We are looking forward to a season of new challenges and have even gotten a few school children involved.


University of Fort Hare Ladies Hockey

Captain: Caree-Leigh Bridger

061 615 0047

Vice Captain: Tenielle Peters 

064 288 2322

Coach: Jerry Snyman

084 067 4751

UFH Sports Administer : Henry Cloete 

084 820 2179

Fort Hare Ladies Hockey team has been participating in the Border Hockey Association for over 10 years. 

Currently the team consists of 13 players that is managed by Henry Cloete and  forms part of the ladies 2nd league. . 

The team is coached by Jerry Snyman for the past 5 years and the plan for this year is improve from last year’s  results and also to recruit new players to build for the future.




University of Fort Hare Alice Ladies Hockey​ - Wolves

Chairman: Lusanda Dingo

Vice Chairman: Luleko Duruwe

Ladies Captain: Odwa Joloba

Mens Captain: Bukho Kagaro

For additional information on the club, please contact them directly.

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